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I was watching a Canadian show last night because a (hot) Montreal native celeb chef was on. It made me realise that we have quite the crop of hottie celebs coming out of Canada lately. Therefore I thought I’d share my top five CILF’s= Canadians I’d Like to F*CK :

  1. Ryan Reynalds: he’s hot and he’s funny (did I mention yum for those abs).
  2. Ryan Gosling: he’s hot, funny and super talented (unlike the other Ryan he doesn’t always play a similar role all the time, sorry Ryan R. but I do enjoy your comedy very much).
  3. George Stroumboulopoulos (before he went vegan and started to look anorexic): was super cute pre-vegan and has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a passion for music which I admire (his name is just a little hard to spell cuz its never ending… come on! It has almost as many letters as there are in the alphabet).
  4. Paul Gross : (younger Paul) super cute, definitly gives the impression of being a good guy; intelligent, funny and kind. You could have brought him home to mom with no worries. Plus who can resist the mounty uniform :p
  5. Chuck Hughes : super cute Montrealer who’s TV show combines two of my own passions: music and cooking. He is my ultimate CILF. (If you’re reading this and you are a part of his entourage, hook a girl up. Even just a cup of coffee to pick his brain would be awesome 🙂 and no I wouldn’t be a stalker. Who has that kind of time lol!)

Honestly, I think the fact that they’re Canadian makes them hotter than American celebs……but that probably only applies to me because I am Canadian :p

(*** Thanks again Natalie Dee for your take on censorship for which I 100% concur)