When you give 2 girl friends 3 weeks notice to make dinner plans……..and they`re all super excited to meet up, but can`t pick a day out of 3 options or a time out of 2 options.

When you`re told, we have to get together soon, you me and the other one. But you can`t communicate with the other one to find out when they`re free….and also can`t pick a date when we both say let us know when.

When you say, we haven`t talked in forever, let`s go for brunch. Pick me up with your husband and kid in the car…….so we can all have brunch together.

When none of these are people, are friends that talk to each other….but seem to have the same issues……..

Is it me? Are they just doing the minimum effort to be a “friend”, without putting in the time. You know, the old “I tried to make plans, it just didn’t work” so they feel like they’re off the hook for a few more months. Have I become the dispensable friend? The one you like, but if you stop being friends you’re fine.

If you’re under 25years old you have no idea what I’m talking about. Otherwise, you know that there are people, that despite liking them, you are willing to lose to shorten the amount of friends to keep up with as you get older. You tend to do a few cuts as you start to have a real job where you have to be at work and alert every day. Then you cut a few more when you get in a serious relationship…..a few more if you move farther away….a few more if you get kids…..So you end up with a few good core friends. The rest are peripheral friends.

They better not have downgraded from core to periph!!!

Well…… there’s 1-2 that I can probably downgrade too :p


Today is a quasi-middle class problems rant.

I make a decent salary. But I have a house that has needed a lot of renovations and continues to rack up my line of credit. I have a car that I purchased new so it would be reliable and I would no longer have surprise 1500$ garage bills. I also have a very tight, very planned budget with very little wiggle room (so when its birthday seasons, I buy gifts and have no money for outings). I opted to get unlimited data internet for 50$ and an 8$ Netflix account rather than have cable (to save money). I rarely eat at restaurants. I don`t get spa treatments or my nails done (maybe once a year at the beginning of sandal season). I don`t go to the movies. I buy one coffee a week, the rest of time its brewed at home. I haven`t had a savings account in over 4 years. When I say my money is tight………..I think it`s pretty obvious that I`m being realistic and not at all exaggerating.

So when I hear other people say they`re broke………..but just came back from vacation. Or : money is tight, but I have a good amount of money saved up to buy a house. Or : broke but eat out several times a week, get their nails done every month, etc….etc…..

I get the look Uncle Phil gets before he hits Will (Fresh Prince) in the back of the head…….

(Well I don’t actually give the look….but I think it.)

Because that is bullshit! It`s like the skinny bitch who can eat what she wants and remains skinny because she has a killer metabolism, telling the girl on the diet, she really shouldn’t be eating that second piece of cake because it’s bound to catch up to her at some point. The girl on the diet probably wants to drop-kick her.

So as I am debating becoming a partial vegetarian so that my groceries cost less (meat has gotten expensive!!!!) ………remember that you shouldn’t complain about things to people who are in a worst situation than you.